This Sunday, we will include singing and music as part of our worship, with some restrictions.  For those at home, participating via our Live Stream, the hymns will be posted on your computer/TV screen, as before.  For those participating in person, the hymns will be projected on the screen.   We ask that you refrain from singing at high volume.  The louder you sing the further your breath carries.  I know you will be wearing a mask in the church, but that is the advice we are given.  I know that sounds strange, but we take one step at a time.  Your patience and support are appreciated.  We will celebrate Holy Communion on Live Stream and in person.  For those of you participating at home remember to have your bread and cup of wine at hand.  Music will be played while the in-person participants receive communion.  Masks are required to be worn in the church. 


Thank you for your continued generosity, support, patience, and faithfulness.  We are persevering together.  One way or another I will see you on Sunday.


Peace,  Pastor David



In compliance with Governor Holcomb’s announcement that beginning July 27, everyone over the age of 8 will be required to wear a mask indoors, masks will be required while attending worship at Holy Trinity.  We appreciate your cooperation with this policy, as we strive to protect all our members.  Masks will be available at the door. 


Seating has been spaced and labeled, and ushers will help you find seating appropriate to your family numbers.  



Instructions for receiving In-Person Holy Communion:

• Wear your mask to worship

• Maintain social distancing when coming up for Holy Communion.

• Remove your mask only when it is your turn.

• Make a basket with your hands overlapping. The wafer will be dropped into your hands. The purpose is to prevent or diminish touching. Please do not “take” the wafer from the Presider/Assisting minister.

• Take a cup from the tray held by the communion server. Glasses will be pre-filled with wine and/or grape juice.

• As you return to your seat, place your empty cup into the trash receptacle.

• Put your mask back on and return to your seat.


 Instructions for Holy Communion via Live Stream:

• You will commune as before the start of In-person worship.

• Maintain your “home altar” or place of worship.

• Have available a morsel of bread or cracker.

• After the blessing, and before the distribution to the In-person worshippers, the Presider will invite you to partake in the wine and the bread.

Children will stay with their parents.  The nursery will not re-open until further notice.  Access will be restricted to the sanctuary and the first floor restrooms.


Thank you for your understanding, cooperation and continued support.