Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


The Church Council has made the very difficult decision to not conduct in-person services due to the county Covid-19 positivity rate.  Not gathering in our church regularly gives us all heavy hearts. While the goal is to worship together, concern for the health, safety and welfare of our congregation, staff and presiding ministers makes in-person worship risky and ill-advised.  We will continue to hold only on-line services during Lent.  Our Council will revisit this issue in again each month as the Council meets. 


To be clear, the church has not been closed. Though we have been unable to gather for in-person worship in order to be well and safe, we have still been the “gathered people of God.” We have also provided weekly worship for our members through the gift of Live Streaming. We have been and will remain open and faithful to our call to proclaim the Gospel, gather for worship and praise, and reach out to the vulnerable and the needy. Our Church has remained alive, faithful, and active in love.


HTLC Church Council