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Assisting Minister

Evangelical Lutheran Worship encourages the leadership of trained laypeople along with the pastor in liturgical celebrations. The orders of service in Evangelical Lutheran Worship identify the person leading worship as the presiding minister, when that person is normally an ordained pastor, and as the leader, when that person may be lay or ordained.  Assisting ministers are usually lay people who are selected to carry out other roles in worship such as the readings and the prayers of interession.


The Assisting Minister leads the Prayers, Offertory, Post Communion Prayer, and Dismissal.  The assistant also prepares the altar for the meal and resets the altar after distribution.  


If this sounds daunting, it's not.  So if you would like to serve your brothers and sisters in Christ, please contact Pastor Doane or Sue Lambert to schedule training.

Luther Seminary Communion Bread

Yield: 4-8oz. Loaves:

Each loaf serves approximately 40 people (depending on the size of the piece)

Sift dry ingredients 3 times

             2 c. whole wheat flour

            1 c. white flour

            1 ¼ tsp. Baking powder

             1 ¼ tsp. Salt

Cut in 4 tsp. Oil

Mix water and sweeteners together; add to dry ingredients and mix well.

             ¾ cup + 2 Tbsp. Very hot water

            3 Tbsp honey

            3 Tbsp Molasses

Dough should be a bit sticky

 Divide and roll into ¼” thick circles

Mark with a cross

Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes

Remove and brush with oil, bake an additional 5-8 minutes, remove and cool.

Communion Assistant

Would you like to be one of the volunteers that help assist with the distribution of communion?  There's basic training available and many who serve in this area find it a wonderful means of ministering to the congregation.  This is one of the most important parts of our worship service and it's a wonderful opportunity to be involved.  Contact the church office if you are interested.

Altar Guild

Do you ever wonder who is responsible for preparing the host and the wine before each service?  Do you also wonder who cleans the wine glasses?  These tasks are the responsibility of the altar guild.  Each week they prepare wine and host, prepare the altar for service, and clean up once service is finished.   We could always use more hands to help with these important tasks. If interested, contact the office.


Do you love reading your Bible?  Would you be willing to share that passion on Sunday by reading the lessons?   One of the results of the Reformation was to make scripture accessible again to all the people of God. This is demonstrated publicly by having the first and second readings proclaimed by laypeople.  The readings are emailed to you in advance of the service for you to review and familiarize yourself.   This is another great way to be part of the worship service and serve your fellow members of Holy Trinity.  If interested, contact the office.

Praise Band & Choir

Do you play an instrument?  Do you like to sing?  Would you like to be an integral part of worship?   God gave us music and loves to hear us play and sing....ALL OF US!  So don't be afraid.  If you have music in heart, come be part of the band or choirs.  Just send a note to the Worship Committee via the church office for more information.

If you would like to greet members and visitors as they arrive for worship on Sunday, please contact Jody Brummet.
Coffee/Fellowship Hour
Would you like to help provide food and drinks for the fellowship time after each service on Sundays?  It doesn't need to be fancy or elaborate.  Store-bought goodies are perfectly fine! If so, please leave a message with the church office or sign up on sheet on the refrigerator in the lounge.