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Adult Education

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We Make the Road by Walking
A Continuing Study….
Wednesdays at 12:30
Although the mid-day group concluded the Lenten scriptures, participants decided to continue. The focus this week will be on Easter texts found in Chapter 33.
Everyone is welcome even if you weren’t able to participate before. Books are available in the Lounge where the group gathers. Please stop by and pick up a book so you can read ahead of time and prepare. Some of us bring our own lunch since this is a meal-time meet-ing slot. Note: A zoom version of the class will be offered at 2 pm. Please email the office in advance if you would like to participate online and a link will be sent Wednesday morning.

Adult Study

 Study the book of Job, then Isaiah
Where: Conference Room, 101

“The Wired Word”
Who: Adults and youth grades 7 and above
What: “How do We Think About our History?” According to data collected in 2023 by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, there are about 245,000 Jewish survivors of the Holocaust still living around the world. As their numbers decline, concern is
mounting lest we forget their suffering and what contributed to it. This week, we look to our faith to guide us in our thinking about our history?
Where: Upstairs in room 106

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